The challenge here was to get this dragon bursting from the pages of the book. I did two animation sequences that blended together at the point where the dragon tears through the paper. The first sequence was rendered to a separate buffer and projected onto the page and at the point of impact the second one appeared from underneath the book. The page flutters and tears disguise the effect. We also had other components to ensure that wherever the book was held by the user the dragon would still end up at the correct position onscreen to spray fire across the pages. This was keyed like a regular Maya Parent Constraint.

As the idea was that the elements of the book would appear from the pages of the book I developed visualisations of how some of these assets might appear. This was for a dock scene that we prototyped early on

This is another example where we were looking at an underground basement type environment.

This was the finished animation. The pop up was triggered by a control variable looking at the angle of the pages. Once the animation finished it would then play an ease out animation to give the effect of paper waving. After that there was a dynamic effect on the assets to give them some extra movement when the player moved the book around.

These last couple of videos show how we were trying to use one page of the book to show two different environments. They were based on the player rotating the book to trigger the effect. Once again we had a control variable which measured the rotation of the book in the Y axis. Once it reached a certain degree the animation could be triggered.

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